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Noah Kashiani

My paintings extract and distill my observations and perceptions of a particular moment, while presenting the possibilities of visual experience and abstraction.  Concerning wholeness, distance, presence, reduction and purity, my work emphasizes isolation or what seems to be the contrary.  These engagements begin in my private life and resolves as evidence that indistinguishably interchanges how one viewed oneself.  Approaching the future at an ever-increasing pace and plugged into one another ingenuously we perpetually dismantle and assemble each other.  Along the way encountering irregular moments of nirvana, keeping us interested and entertained.  The artwork attempts to sharpen the viewer’s awareness of the social mechanics of our species and challenge the viewer to consider novel solutions to seemingly intractable disputes. 


My work uses a myriad of techniques to explore ideas of identity, culture, and human behavior.  An emphasis on technique and application of oil paint serve as a classical anchor of otherwise often disconnected contemporary ideologies.  Gestural brush strokes impart physicality yet glide weightlessly over surfaces as figure ground relationships are always eminent. 


My intention is to capture the expansiveness within the still, yet fleeting moment. Having conversations about the nature of reality, our place on the mortal coil, the relationship and communications we share with one another are all issues addressed in my work.  Like prisoners of Plato’s cave, what dreams may come as we reawakened from the shadows into blinding light? 

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