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Anna-Marie Zurlinden

I focus my attention on creating and noticing beauty in the world. I am largely influenced by the patterns found in sacred geometry, fractals, textiles, and ancient man-made formations. The repetition in these systematic forms is cyclical and infinite and conveys to me a sense of what is shared by mankind across time and culture—the desire to experience the divine, a quest to understand the world, and a longing to know beauty. As a manifestation of these intangibles, my work tends toward abstraction.

This body of work emphasizes swirling forms and triangular shapes, which reflects a contradictory concept of freedom and constraint. The swirling movement, like water and air, is fundamentally freeing, while the pointy triangles feel more aggressive and constraining by crowding the picture plane. My recent work seeks to convert two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional sculpture. In terms of process, my artworks are largely experiments in material, color, shape, and pattern.

Through these artworks, I share with viewers my appreciation of beauty and recognition of what is good in the human spirit—the desire to create something splendid and worthy in a world too often filled with wickedness and destruction.

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